JTMS Volume 7 Number 1


l Ajin Choi|PDF

Surveying Indians’ Foreign Policy Orientations in Territorial Disputes: A Case Study

l Sarah Fisher and Florian Justwan l Abstract|PDF

Disputed Vietnamese Territories in the South China Sea: Structure, Physical- Geographical Characteristics, Management of Areas and Development

l Chunjuan Nancy Wei and Mai Frndjibachian l Abstract|PDF

Non-Compliance of Judgments and the Inherent Jurisdiction of the ICJ

l Edgardo Sobenes Obregon I l Abstract |PDF

Thucydides in Pyongyang: Fear, Honor and Interests in the 1968 Pueblo Incident

l Benjamin R. Young l Abstract |PDF

Sea-Level Rise and Coastal States’ Maritime Entitlements: A Cautious Approach

l Vincent P. Cogliati- Bantz l Abstract |PDF

JTMS Volume 6 Number 2


l Lonnie Edge|PDF

Meaningful Responses to Unilateralism in Undelimited Maritime Areas

l Sandrine De Herdt l Abstract|PDF

The Future of Baselines as the Sea Level Rises: Guidance

l Michael J. Strauss l Abstract|PDF

The European Union and Counterterrorism in the Gulf of Guinea: Enough Is Not Enough

l Fru Norbert Suh I l Abstract |PDF

Floating Armories and Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel on Board Ships: Balancing Coastal State Security Concerns Against Navigational Freedom

l Sindhura Natesha Polepalli l Abstract |PDF

China's Indo-Pacific Strategy: The Problems of Success

l David Scott l Abstract |PDF


JTMS Volume 6 Number 1


l Lonnie Edge|PDF

A South China Sea Regional Seas Convention: Transcending Soft Law and State Goodwill in Marine Environmental Governance? 

l Alexis Ian P. Dela Cruz l Abstract|PDF

The Timor Sea Conciliation and Lessons for Northeast Asia in Resolving Maritime Boundary Disputes 

l Natalie Klein l Abstract|PDF

Crimes Within Crimes in Somalia: Double-Dealing Pirates, Fraudulent Negotiators, Duplicitous Intermediaries and Treacherous Illegal Fishers 

l Awet Tewelde Weldemichael l Abstract |PDF

An Overview of Arctic Legal Regime Regarding the Protection of the Marine Environment and Some Suggestions

l Ekrem Korkut and Lara B. Fowler l Abstract |PDF

Legal Approaches to Dry Cargo Liquefaction: An Arctic Perspective on a Global Problem

l Stefan Kirchner l Abstract|PDF

JTMS Volume 5 Number 2


l Hyunjung Kim|PDF

The Contribution of Fisheries Access Agreements to the Emergence of the Exclusive Economic Zone: A Historical Perspective

l Valentin J. Schatz l Abstract|PDF

The Settlement of Maritime Boundary Disputes in Southeast Asia and Oceania: A Synthesis in light of Indonesian Practice

l Brian McGarry l Abstract|PDF

The Principle of Res Judicata, Determination by “Necessary Implication,” and the Settlement of Maritime Delimitation Disputes by the International Court of Justice

l Diego Mejía-Lemos l Abstract |PDF

Res Judicata and the Test of Finality

l Edgardo Sobenes Obregon l Abstract |PDF

Inside(r)-Outside(r): linguistics, Sociology and the Microterritoriality of Maritime Space on Pitcairn Island

l Joshua Nash l Abstract |PDF

JTMS Volume 5 Number 1


l Lonnie Edge|PDF

Analysis of Brazil's Geopolitical Design: Prioritizing the South American Regional Integration Maneuver

l Nuno Morgado l Abstract|PDF

When Westphalia Goes to (Greater) China: Territory, Sovereignty and legal Narratives Across the Strait

l Horia Ciurtin l Abstract|PDF

Territorial Dispute Strategies as Diversionary Behavior

l Krista E. Wiegand l Abstract |PDF| 

Continuity and Change: Ma Ying-Jeou, Tsai Ing-Wen and the Dispute in the South China Sea

l Dennis V. Hickey l Abstract |PDF| 

Rival Partners? Cross-Strait Relations After the Permanent Court of Arbitration Ruling over the South China Sea Disputes

l Enyu Zhang and Yitan Li l Abstract |PDF| 

JTMS Volume 4 Number 2


l Hyun Jung Kim |PDF| 

Legal Status of the Airspace Over an Indeterminate Territory: The Case of the Spratly Islands

l Herbert Aclan Loja l Abstract |PDF| 

Insecurity in the Gulf of Guinea: Reinventing the Past to Explain the Origin and Development of Maritime Insecurity

l Fru Norbert Suh l  Abstract|PDF| 

Maritime Disputes as a Test of Communist Party Legitimacy

l Peter Murphy l Abstract | PDF| 

Corporate Social Responsibility: All at Sea

l Vaibhav P. Birwatkar l Abstract |PDF| 

The Use of Force at Home and Abroad Through Diversionary Foreign Policy: The Case of Preah Vihear 

l Myungsik Ham and Elaine Tolentino l Abstract|PDF| 

Litigating to Negotiate Access to the Pacific Ocean: A Study of the Bolivia v. Chile Case

l Miriam Cohen and Mareike Klein l Abstract |PDF| 

Territorial Sea Limits in the Singapore Strait

l Vivian Loius Forbes l Abstract | PDF| 

The Future of the Central Arctic Ocean: Protection Through International Law

l Stefan Kirchner l Abstract | PDF| 

JTMS Volume 4 Number 1

Sharks Need Protection and Surfers Want Security: the Recent Shark Control Program of La Réunion in the Context of the International Legal Framework

​| Géraldine Giraudeau | |Abstract| |Correction||PDF| 

Historic Title over Land and Maritime Territory

| Xuechan Ma | Abstract|PDF| 

Overcoming Territoriality through Water Regime: the Case of the Lower Mekong (1957–1977)

| Michelle Rubido Palumbarit| |Abstract||PDF| 

Conflicts, Names and Sea Space: A Review of the 22nd International Seminar on Sea Names

​| Joshua Nash | |Abstract||PDF| 

The Multi-Scalar Geographies of Place naming: the Case of Cyprus

| Steven M. Radil | |Abstract||PDF| 

Pitcairn Island, Island Toponymies and Fishing Ground Names: Toward the Possibility of a Peaceful Onshore and Offshore Reconciliation

| Joshua Nash | |Abstract||PDF| 

The “One-Letter War”—or, How Skagerrak Became a Disputed Name

​| Peder Gammeltoft | |Abstract|PDF| 

JTMS Volume 3 Number 2

The Scope and Content of Sovereign Rights in Relation to Non-Living Resources in the Continental Shelf and the Exclusive Economic Zone

l Danae Azaria l Abstract |PDF| 

Between Villa Schroder (ITLOS) and the Peace Palace (ICJ): Diverging Approaches to Continental Shelf Delimitation Beyond 200 Nautical Miles

l Ioannis Konstantinidis l Abstract |PDF| 

Challenges on the Ocean and the Future of the Law of the Sea: Environment, Security, and Human Rights

l Hwang Junshik l Abstract |PDF| 

Sino-Japanese Relations Over the East China Sea: The Case of Oil and Gas Fields

l Chung-min Tsai l Abstract |PDF| 

Objections Not Possessing an "Exclusively Preliminary Character" in the South China Sea Arbitration

l Stefan Talmon l Abstract |PDF| 

JTMS Volume 3 Number 1

The Colonial Origins of Territorial Disputes in South Asia

|Sandip Kumar Mishra|Abstract |PDF| 


Maritime Features in the Public Order of the Oceans: A Jurisprudential Reflection

|Charles H. Norchi|Abstract|PDF| 

Shinzo Abe’s Scheme of Staking Territorial Claims to Korea’s Dokdo

|Edward Kwon & Liza Abram Benham|Abstract |PDF| 

Making Peace over a Disputed Territory in Southeast Asia: Lessons from the Batu Puteh / Pedra Branca Case

|Kamarulzaman Askandar & Carlervin Sukim|Abstract |PDF| 


Irredentism in Disputed Territories and Its Influence on the Border Conflicts and Wars

|German Kim|Abstract |PDF| 


Why is the North Sea West of Us?: Principles behind the Naming of Seas*

|Peder Gammeltoft|Abstract |PDF| 

REVIEW: Is There a Best Practice for a Peaceful Resolution of the South China Sea Disputes?

|Sukjoon Yoon|PDF| 

JTMS Volume 2 Number 2

Guest Editor’s Introduction to the Special Issue

|Alexander Bukh|PDF| 


“We Want a State of Our Own!”

|Timur Dadabaev|Abstract |PDF| 


Uneasy Pairs : Revitalizations of Karen Ethno-Nationalism and Civil Society across the Thai-Burmese Border

|Alexander Horstmann|Abstract |PDF| 


Illegality & Alterity : Preliminary Notes on SEZ, Civil Society, and the Thai-Burmese Borderland

|Decha Tangseefa|Abstract |PDF| 


Intersections between Civil Society, Insurgency, and Development : Case of the Subnational Confl ict in the South of Thailand

|Ora-orn Poocharoen|Abstract |PDF| 


Assessing Local Responses to Chinese-Backed Resource Development Projects in Myanmar and Cambodia : A Critical Survey

|Pichamon Yeophantong|Abstract |PDF| 


Japanese Activists, the Environment, and Border-Crossing Movements in Asia

|Simon Avenell|Abstract |PDF| 


Review: Translating Critical Border Studies in East Asia

|Jason Young |PDF| 


Review: A Critical Development of Border Studies

|Fuminori Kawakubo |PDF| 

JTMS Volume 2 Number 1

Peace as the Absence of Militarized Conflict

|John A. Vasquez|Abstract |PDF| 


The Global Security Management Crisis

|Patrick Morgan|Abstract |PDF| 


Tectonic Move in 21st Century International Relations

|Yi Feng|Abstract |PDF| 


The Consolidation of the Euro-regional Territory and Its Consequences

|Enrique J. Varela|Abstract |PDF| 

The EU External Edges: Borders as Walls or Ways?

|Marie-Laure Basilien-Gainche|Abstract |PDF| 


The Use of Force at Sea in the 21st Century

|Efthymios D. Papastavridis|Abstract |PDF| 


Geopolitics and Conflict

|Harvey Starr|Abstract |PDF| 


Review: A Flexible Expansion of Space to Resolve Conflicting Borders

|Youngkyu Shim|PDF| 

JTMS Volume 1 Number 2

Societal Heterogeneity, Weak States and Internal Conflict

|Karen Rasler|Abstract |PDF| 

Maintaining Maritime Peace in East Asia

|Keyuan Zou|Abstract |PDF| 


Vietnam and the South China Sea Dispute

|Min Van Pham|Abstract |PDF| 


China’s Territorial Disputes with Japan

|Hui-yi Katherine Tseng|Abstract |PDF| 


Russia’s Territorial Disputes with China and Japan

|Andrey Sidorov|Abstract |PDF| 


Japan’s Quest for Dokdo and the South Kurile Islands

|Alexander Bukh|Abstract |PDF| 


Review: A Genealogy of Territory à la Foucault

|Whanyung Kim | PDF| 


Review: Cultural Context of the U.S./Mexico Border

|Yoonjeong Chang |PDF| 

JTMS Volume 1 Number 1

Guest Editor's Note: The Resurgence of Territorial and Maritime Issues in the Post-Modern Era

|Chae-Han Kim |PDF| 


Territorial Change and Selection Institutions

|James D. Morrow|Abstract |PDF| 


Resolution of Border Disputes in the Arabian Gulf

|Krista E. Wiegand|Abstract |PDF| 


Tourism and Cross-Border Conflict

|Anna Getmansky|Abstract |PDF| 


Colonialism and Border Disputes in Africa

|Mi Yung Yoon|Abstract |PDF| 


Maritime and Territorial Boundary Disputes in Latin America

|Richard J. Kilroy, Jr.|Abstract |PDF| 

Territorial Disputes and Taiwan’s Regional Diplomacy

|Barthélémy Courmont|Abstract |PDF| 


Features of Territorial Disputes in Northeast Asia 135

|Sangtu Ko|Abstract | PDF|